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I like cars (especially Mustangs; though my dream car is the old 427 Cobra S/C - Shelby Cobras ran from 1963-1967); motorcycles (especially Harley-Davidson Sportsters); going for rides in the mountains in my supercharged mustang; going for rides on a motorcycle (especially night rides); drag racing; weight training and fitness; health and nutrition; video games; reading; writing and poetry (I'm a poet); pool; tennis; table tennis; basketball; martial arts; comic books; the mall; music rhythm games, such as: Pump Pro, Pump It Up, In The Groove, Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Freak, Drum Mania, IIDX, Stepmania, etc; PUMP PRO IS KING THOUGH! (All hail to the almighty Pump Pro! xD); music; guitar; karaoke; TV; movies; anime; soap operas; theatre; animals; horseback riding; skating; spending time with family and friends; road trips; TGA; Raceway Park; going to the shore like Wildwood, Seaside and Point Pleasant; visiting NYC, PA and MA; going to parks; Six Flags Great Adventure; beautiful scenery like sunsets, mountainous areas, etc.